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Determining Liability in a Car Accident

Car Accident Attorney in Quincy

There are many factors that can lead to a serious or deadly car accident. Whether it is driver distraction caused by talking or texting on a cell phone, a drunk driver, dangerous road conditions, or a vehicle system failure, an innocent person can suffer serious or permanent injuries or loss of life. Medical care and treatment can last many months, years or even for the lifetime of the victim when catastrophic injuries have occurred. In any car accident that led to injuries, it is imperative that you contact an experienced Quincy car accident lawyer to manage the legal issues related to recovering compensation.

At Flanagan & Associates, our legal team can represent you, manage every detail of the process related to determining liability, and help you seek the compensation you deserve. We care about your future, both in your recovery and financially, and will pursue the maximum possible in compensation for you. If you need help determining who was at fault, we have access to respected independent accident investigators to assist you.

Liability in a car accident, Who is at fault?

Determining liability in a car accident can be a complicated process. In order to discover who was at fault, the insurance companies of all drivers involved will ask a number of questions about what happened at the time of the collision. It is advised that you do not speak to an insurance company adjuster without first contacting our firm for counsel.

If the other driver is found at fault for the accident, you could be eligible for compensation to help recover the costs of all of your medical bills, lost wages and other costs, both now and predicted for the future, based upon the degree of the injuries suffered in the auto accident. Our firm is here to help you through this difficult time and will protect your right to fair compensation, as you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, a Quincy car accident attorney from Flanagan & Associates can help you determine liability. Contact us today.